Community Census is an interactive public street installation that captures community perceptions around key neighborhood amenities, resources and issues. Collected data is aggregated into crowd-sourced ‘community perception maps’ and will be used to pinpoint opportunities for neighborhood growth. The project is a collaboration between TYTHEdesign and 3×3 Design. See the results. 


The American Census is one of the most robust tools for understanding neighborhood demographics. However, it misses important qualitative information about how people perceive their neighborhood and how they would like to see these spaces grow. These perceptions are an integral component to determine how and why people relate to a place and to understand what attracts people to a given community.


The mission of Community Census is to empower people to share their opinions and perceptions of individual neighborhoods through real time data collection and visualization. We believe the use of interactive engagement methods sparks constructive dialogues and uncovers information not accessible through traditional data collection. By capturing this data, we are able to explore neighborhood identity and develop a strong foundation for local improvement programs and projects. The Community Census invites you to voice how you feel about your neighborhood and help pinpoint opportunities for its advancement.

Community Census is a collaboration between two Brooklyn-based social innovation firms.

TYTHEdesign is a capacity-building firm that uses the lens of design and strategy to help non-profits, social ventures, community-based organizations, and city governments do what they do best, even better. We analyze challenges from a variety of angles and develop creative solutions for and with each community.

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3×3 Design is social innovation consultancy that works at the intersection of urban planning, design, and technology. We create smarter programs and services for more livable cities. Our human-centered process helps organizations focus on their audiences’ needs to build successful and scalable solutions.

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