Community Census | Community Census is an interactive public street installation that captures community perceptions around neighborhood identity.
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Community Census approaches social impact from a human lens. Through information collection and community engagement, this tool empowers individuals to share feedback, create conversations, and take action around neighborhood amenities, resources, and needs.


Tool for you

Community Census is designed to assess local needs, and spark  conversations among neighbors, constituents, and community stakeholders. We’ve heard from clients and community organizations that they’re searching for better ways to connect with and include community members in their work.. Drawing inspiration from the traditional Census survey, this replicable installation brings a new perspective to need assessments by understanding perceptions and bringing personal nuances to the forefront.


As data is collected, visitors may observe trends across responses and join the conversation about  their neighborhood.. Community Census makes it possible to broach diverse issues and complex conversations productively, allowing for structured conversations and creating a baseline of information to refer to. Captured  perceptions help broaden understanding of a neighborhood’s identity to develop a strong foundation for neighborhood improvement programs and projects.

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