Community Census | The blank kit
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The Kit

What does the kit include?

Each kit arrives with a laser-cut set of placards, including a likert scale, 2 experience signs,  5 question signs, and 4 demographic indicators. Question and demographic cards have a slick coat of chalkboard paint to customize for your desired context. To get started, we’ve included a sample set of yarn and suggested questions to suit a variety of event types and objectives.


Community Census is all about engaging community members, so if you’re looking for ways to develop longer-term discussions with community groups and elected officials, this is a great way to record input and encourage diverse groups to see things from a shared perspective. In the past, Community Census results have been used to create responsive programming, determine directions for planning, and understand the local trends of community stakeholders.

The Kit: $48.00

[plus $10 shipping and handling to any locations within the US]

Order Timeline: Printed Community Census Kits are  ready to order. Once your purchase has been made, please allow 7-12 business days for delivery.


Please note: Set-up is designed for a 3×4’ corkboard and does not include the board or nails. Choose the dimensions that make sense for you, or refer to our suggestions in the installation notes to customize your Community Census kit.

Who is this for?

Community Census is ideal for groups that regularly interact with the public (or aspire to!). This kit is designed for easy reuse to spark conversations in your community.


This kit is ideally made for:
– Elected officials looking to create ongoing dialogues.
– Museums and local institutions looking for a way to gauge programs or event success
– Local BIDs researching community interests and concerns.
– Groups looking for an adaptable, easy to replicate, and FUN way to collect data and start dialogues.